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Multimodal Transportation Center In Concepcion

Part 2 Project 2003
Gonzalo Abasolo
University of the Bio Bio Concepcion Chile
The project has 2 main objectives:
1.Concentration and transfer of the main city transportation modes.
2.Allow continuity of the axes at the conjunction of a pedestrian promenade with a metropolitan road and railroad track which separate the city from the riverbanks.
As a sort of urban bridge, the transportation center spans over the road and railroad tracks, creating a pedestrian linkage between the city center and the rehabilitated riverfront.
'Steel trees' support platforms at different levels thus generating a wide and dynamic public interior, where travelers and pedestrians can gain easy access to the various transportation modes.
As an urban gate, the project is a landmark imaging urban change and future.

Gonzalo Abasolo

The strength of this project is that has been thought not only as a solution to the urban transportation needs. More than its basic function and concept, it considers the actual urban expansion (due to the densification process and extension of its limits); understanding the transfer station in its relationship with the city; working the architecture of transportation and communication, where the outstanding and regulative elements are pedestrian circulations, modal changes and road accessibility.
It focuses in the concepts of order, connectivity and continuity, transforming itself in the center of the city as a great urban node.


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