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Architecture Centre, Plymouth

Part 1 Project 2003
Alex Hammond
Jinwei Cheang
University of Plymouth, UK
Architecture Centre

The function of the architectural centre is to show the potential of architecture by changing the public's perceptions.
This is achieved by forming an environment that enables people to define their place within the man-made and natural world.

The changing needs of society and our growing awareness of the ecological impact of building demands the reappraisal of the built environment. Structures and buildings that have a minimal impact on the environment, can react and respond to change, address sustainability, energy conservation and new technologies, are now more relevant than ever before.

In a changing world needing to deal with dramatic sociological, economic and cultural changes, an architecture which has the ability to respond to dynamic situations has a special relevance which should not be ignored but encouraged.

Alex Hammond
Jinwei Cheang

Alex’s project demonstrates an ambitious, exploratory, provocative and responsive approach involving the integration of digital and physical propositions in the making of an architecture centre. Alex’s exploration interwove the notion of ‘architecture’ and ‘centre’ to expand beyond physical boundaries. The site, a busy periphery ‘no mans land’ city centre juncture of university and potential arts quarter was deeply considered (memory, place). By provision of a moving platform encapsulated in part by an ‘alive’ skin the proposition- incorporated social manipulation of spatial experience, sustainability and material rigour into a wider conceptual proposition.

His strong theoretical underpinning, precision of intent and contextual light touch promotes a dynamic engagement to challenge our perception of architecture. In our changing world, Alex is acutely aware of his own position – a pleasure to teach.

Prof Wong Chong Thai Bobby
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