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From Temporary Shelters to Permanent Dwellings, Architecture and ambiental proposals for homeless families

Part 2 Project 2003
Julian Gutierrez Duque
Sofia Sfakianaki
Pontifical Bolivarian University | Colombia
The project promotes the use of non conventional materials for temporary shelters, as solution for providing dwellings for low income inhabitants in areas in Colombia.
Speaking of refuges, understanding the habitat from its poetic essences. Moving, lightness and subsistence of materials, offer the possibility of going back to a nomadic live style. The itinerary habits of life.
In a cultural context, the refuge retakes signs and signals of elements that reveal the traditions and functions of social nature this investigation try to resolve the domestic architecture of a popular construction.
The lineal disposition defines the growth of lineal walls that allow to dose other homes and plan models of grows and the growing through a process of self-construction.

Julian Gutierrez Duque
Sofia Sfakianaki

Providing temporary shelter for the homeless, is a priority for the future architec's performance in Colombia.
The solution proposed by the project, intends to bring together materials and arhitecture as connecting components for low cost temporary dwelling solutions.
The rural homeless families in Colombia for violence of natural mayhem, from fields to cities, its come nearly to two million of people, according to what the state had announced before in February 2003.
They’ve settled a project about “easy-build” houses, low weighted and transportable in able to add rooms if it’s required, using wood boards as material, these “easy-build” houses will be settled beside towns which has less than 50.000 citizens generating groves, self-construction process and make up a new community through architectonics.

Mr Geoffrey Makstutis
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