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New School of Architecture, Lincoln

Part 1 Project 2003
Peter Kidger
Clifford Gouws
University of Nottingham, UK
Digital media are increasingly important in Architectural Presentation. This is exploited to attract public awareness of the school and the process of architectural education. Externally, the 'Learning Wall' serves to visually connect the academic campus to the student village. Whilst internally, its cinematic screen continuously displays student work. The transparent and dynamic nature of the building is a direct response to pedestrian routes over the site, affording views of the 'Learning Wall' while directing people towards public crit-spaces, galleries and public library. The 'Zoetrope' wall allows glimpses into the heart of the school from the elevated road that divides it.
Peter Kidger
Clifford Gouws

Peter demonstrates a remarkable maturity of design understanding for a Year 3 student. Inspired by his studies of time, motion and media, the building is clearly a response to site and brief; setting up a dialogue with the existing campus, the Brayford Pool and the elevated highway bordering the site. Each aspect is brought into, and inspires, his building. His design is highly creative and yet believable; something many students, with their pre-occupation for abstract form-making, struggle with. His grasp of design, technological, presentation and computer / film-making skills stands Peter in good stead for a great career in architecture.


Mr Rudolf Van Rensburg
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