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Performance Hall

Part 1 Project 2003
Marko Matulic
Jonathan Claridge
Pontifical Catholic University of Chile Santiago Chile
Performance Hall in Peñalolen

The project is located on a public site owned by the Municipal Government of Peñalolen, highly fragmented by diverse buildings of different uses.
Due to this fact, a first purpose is to develop a form capable of joining and relating the different elements of the site, creating a walking park of a variable width that would recover the complete longitudinal dimension of the site.
Inside the park, the building is constructed by means of a variable structural module (beams made of lamellated wood and steel elements) wich is repeated to build a continuous building, that could contain a great multiple performance Hall for 5000 spectators each, two auditoriums for 200 spectators each, a restroom area and an extense central public space.

Marko Matulic
Jonathan Claridge

Arhitectural Studio with a technological Approach

This studio focuses in cases in which the theme of structural design acquires a critical role in the “form” of architecture.

In this oportunity the case studied was a great concert and spectacle hall and adyacent facilities for the municipal government of Peñalolen in Santiago.
the main hall should receive up to 5000 spectators and, due to its dimensions, the structural design of the roof presented an architectural challenge.

The programme for the building was proposed by the mentioned government and the location consisted on a site of roughly 19 acres partially occupied by some other public buildings and activities quite randomly placed near the borders of the site.

The projects should respond to the central themes of any architectural work, such as the creation of a coherent urban space and valuable interior spaces (this under the light of some concepts extracted from selected texts such as “Lightness”, “Visibility” and “Multiplicity” from Italo Calvino’s “Six Memos for the next Millennium”)

And, of course, the projects had to resolve the studio’s principal interest,which is a factible structural design with a clear relation to the spatial values of the building. With this purpose the studio included a series of lectures under the tittle of “the structural form observed in building cases”

Prof Vaughan Hart
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