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Visiting Center , National Park El Yali

Part 1 Project 2003
Francisca Rivera
Tom Smith
Pontifical Catholic University of Chile Santiago Chile
Information pavilion, Natural Park El Yali
The project is a small pavilion in a fragile territory of a natural reserve. In this respect, the building is conceived as a shadow in the landscape, a pause (landstone) able to create a natural interiority by the intrusion of the wetland variation and transience in its space. As a material construct, the materialization of the light in the territory its structured by two elements: conceiving the skin as the entrusted to characterize the relation of the exterior in an interior whose principal function is contemplation; and the folded pillars as the support of the project, that incorporates the sense of time passing in the created space. The gravity concept takes place in the opposition of both aerial and earthly boxes ; between the continuity of the skin and the tensions in its arrival to the soil, by means of the folded-lighting- pillars.
The connection system is based on unfolded steel ramps that distribute the program in exposure along the aerial space; and the recap space related to the earthly box.
The liberated ground level embodies land samples and incorporates the totality of the territory by including the principal ecological corridor in its path as scale of aproximation.
The referents applied for the lighting process where Jesus Soto and Jean Arp for the screen roof design with light manipulation; and Oteiza´s sculptures for the folding concepts of the pillars.

Francisca Rivera
Tom Smith

Course Description
Site:The project was sited within the Yali, one of the most important Wetlands in Chile
Programme: A pavilion that shows the place through its own architecture and through graphics displays and ready made objects (Object trouve)
Project Description:
The study broached three subjects: Firstly, that of expressing the relation with gravity forces; secondly, that of building an interior spaces which is characterized by shadows and thirdly, that of positioning a small project on a large site.
Pedagogic Objectives:
The intention was threefold. Firstly: to be able to understand and conceive the building as a material construct, which interacts with gravity. Consequently, to learn how to establish a particular relationship to this force: being the acceptance or the resistance of it a significant issue that was addressed during the workshop. Secondly, to understand that a building interacts with climate. We focussed on the articulation with sun and we studied different ways of qualifying space using shadow casting as an architectonic element. Finally, to understand the building as a spiritual construct which interacts with the landscape and whose interior establishes a particular relationship with wish is close and faraway. Regarding this last point, positioning a small project on a large site; was also part of the problem.

Regarding the first statement we identified to words that reveal to opposites ways of relating to gravity; On the one hand; tension and on the other hand compression.

Regarding the second point, we worked with already existing shadows devices, like louvers, shutters, sunshields and bricsoleis as a way not only of gaining interior comfort, but also as a way of embodying change and sense of time passing

Finally, in relation to landscape, we understood it not as a spectacle to be consumed but as something to be contemplated and as a complement of the interior.


Students were pushed to choose one or two shadow devices from a set of five modern Buildings (Villa Shodan, L.C, Yachting Club O.N., Justice Palace, L.C, Covered Square R.V, Kaufman house, R.N), a painting as footprint for designing the screen roof ( Jean Arp, Burle Marx, Jesús Soto) and were oriented to adopt tension as a concept for the aerial part of the project and compression for the earthly one

Programmatic requirements:

A small auditorium
An exhibition space for light objects and graphic displays
An open terrace
An exterior fireplace
An entrance with a small office
A kitchenette and a bathroom

Mr Jonathan Mosley

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