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Engawa - An Eco-Tourism Center In Tai Tam

Part 1 Project 2003
Cho Tin Tak
Jiyoon Gu
University of Hong Kong, China
Ecology - The way living things are related to each other and their surroundings.

How Human relate to Nature + How Human relate to their Surroundings

Architectural elements are dispersed around the reservoir, it is intend to provide a variety choice of destination to offer an interactive and participating alternative to museum typology. Decentralize of program in order to anticipate the needs of different user groups at different time and space along the path ¡V A Sequence of Event

They will exit as a transition from existing man-made element to nature. It exists as plans merge with landscapes instead of walls/boundaries.

Cho Tin Tak
Jiyoon Gu

I was Titus’s studio tutor for the last semester of his third year and there is no doubt that he has a precocious talent, was in my opinion easily the best student of his year and indeed is the best third year student that I have encountered while teaching at the University of Hong Kong over the past three years. He is gifted at generating complex form and is very interested in exploring what the actual experience of the spaces that he has created would be; in fact, he is more interested in the quality of the internal spaces than in sculpting the exterior form.

He is also accomplished at integrating a suitable structural concept into his design so that his final project was not just an abstract exercise in generating interesting space. Moreover, his structural solution did considerably inform the design especially for the first and most complex building of his final project.

Finally, his capacity for work and presentation skills is prodigious and I have no doubt that if his talents continue to grow with maturity that one day he should become an exceptional architect.

I have no hesitation in commending him to you.


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