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Frankfurt: A Dialectic City

Part 2 Project 2003
John Killock
Philippa Grantham
University of Liverpool | UK
With the dissolution of a traditional centre, the city as a uniform element is unfeasible, becoming a series of complementary places whilst altering in function over time without necessarily changing in form.
In establishing a new district for Frankfurt we developed a series of complementary places, structured within an overlaid matrix. A systematic approach to analysing the site through layer, section and the more detailed approach to the complementary places allowed the study to evolve at different scales. The rules established to manipulate the streetscape articulated the hierarchies and ‘edges’ of the site furthering our perception of the dialectic city.

John Killock
Philippa Grantham

This ambitious project proposes a Master Plan for a brown field site bordering the Trade Fair complex to the west of Frankfurt’s centre. Studies of Ungers’ Dialectic City, Rossi’s Architecture of the City, an investigation into the relationship between matrix and monument and the idea of a none zoned but type based city served as starting points. The city is seen as a series of layers and complementary places combined with a grid as ordering device. A diagonal boulevard and three public spaces - urban park, interchange square and trade fair square – complement the perimeter blocks forming the matrix.


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