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Brisbane Mediatheque

Part 2 Project 2003
Greg King
Conor Mccavitt
Queensland University of Technology Brisbane Australia
The Brisbane Mediatheque scheme deals with the hierarchy of ‘machine’ space and ‘autonomous’ space to engage a dialogue between more rigid components of the brief and the public realm.
A spine of free spatial components forms a filtering zone between machine spaces and the Event Space plaza, enhancing legibility of the complex program by dissolving the interface between hard building and fluid exterior.
The Event Space is essentially void; an urban canvas for a multitude of public activity. It utilizes the varied Mediatheque program, and its broader contextual strategy - a major node of pedestrian and traffic flow through the city; and potential as a pedestrian spillway, as the catalyst for operation.
In the urban scale, the site operates as the main entry point to the CBD from West End and the south. The scheme attempts to morph with the cultural precinct on the south bank of the river, intensifying visual and programmatic experience on the adjacent north bank and suitably infecting the core city zone.

Greg King
Conor Mccavitt

The Brisbane Mediatheque is a project that aimed to engage students in the full range of architectural concerns. It is sited on a significant urban corner in the Brisbane CBD and challenged students to respond to a demanding physical and cultural context, and complex issues of program. The project posed questions about the future of public urban space and institutions. It required speculation about the nature of this new building type, yet also specifying a building outcome with a resolved tectonic presence. Overall students had to synthesize their investigations and project development into a clear and rigorous architectural outcome.


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