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Infoband - City Event Agency

Part 2 Project 2003
Pin Wei Dylan Kuo
Giles Smith
University of the Witwatersrand Johannesburg South Africa
Looking at city as collages of personalised experiences, this project is investigating the potentials to energise the city of Johannesburg, by expanding the variety of living experiences through info-networking different levels of urban community. An urban communication network- CEA, acting as urban event developer, operating to promote public events as median to integrate different social levels within Johannesburg. This approach leads to the design of info-communication installations at varies scale, which are capable to deliver information, record and broadcast live scenes to be infiltrated into different social levels, stimulating real time social exchange across different communities.
Pin Wei Dylan Kuo
Giles Smith

The point of departure for this thesis project was the problematisation of the city as an intense web of overlapping information and communication circuits. The student devised ways of mapping these, from the most local (cardboard placards advertising hairdressing salons in the upper stories of buildings, leaflets offering urban services etc.) to circuits of more global reach (telephone pay stations, internet cafes etc.). The design component of the project was a “motherboard”, a City Event Agency, through which these circuits could be augmented and amplified, and creating a new public space in the city, as an element of urban renewal. Satellite, parasitic electronic notice boards were located throughout the city, giving access to its information.

Dr Wendy Pullan
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