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Commercial Center In Old Kampala, Uganda

Part 1 Project 2004
Tukacungurwa Jesse
Alexandra Stewart-Long
Makerere University Kampala Uganda
Old Kampala presents a dense concentration of architectural heritage, in a dilapidated state. It is from this that the idea of introducing a catalyst to rejuvenate the area, originates.
The complex consists of predominantly shopping facilities that offers exhibition spaces, multipurpose hall, food courts etc.
The design concept is derived from the character of Old Kampala, with bits and pieces of the old and the new on a frame, liking it to a ‘dismembered body’. The design uses the structure of the complex to express the bone, and the massing to express the body.

Tukacungurwa, Jesse

Tukacungurwa Jesse
Alexandra Stewart-Long

Jesse’s project tries to rejuvenate an otherwise architecturally decaying part of the City located at a busy traffic junction. The scale of the project was too big, but the student managed to handle it successfully. The strength of the project lies in his ability to organize and articulate the spaces and volumes both internally and externally and his ability to apply echo architecture throughout the design. The concept of a “dismembered body” to represent the character of Old Kampala was successfully carried in his design project.

Silim Nahdy, Mubarak


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