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Living Machine

Part 2 Project 2004
Juan Pablo Csori
Rebecca Lee
University of the Bio Bio Concepcion Chile
The Living Machine Project is a laboratory and experimental centre that proposes the utilisation of natural resources – such as plants - for the purification of water.

The centre has been located at a pristine natural environment of great beauty, situated very near to the city of Concepción.

The program includes:
a)A research and extension centres, aiming to increase the availability of clean water.
b)Two “Living Machines”, consisting in purification plants based on natural processes. Purification is achieved through an ‘ecological system’, that uses solar energy as its main resource. The whole system is based in the acceleration of purification processes that clean water in the natural environment. One of the two “Living Machines” will provide clean water for residents at the Nonguén Valley, and the second (smaller) Living Machine will provide water for internal consumption of the building.
The building is located on a site with a low gradient that runs parallel to a small river. The Living Machine cleans this course of water.
Two series of triangulation constitute a net of laminated wood that structures the ceiling of the purification area. Another structure of steel elements function as a naturally ventilated glasshouse. The natural ventilation contributes to reduce significantly energy consumption of the building.

Juan Pablo Csori
Rebecca Lee

Two main assets of the project are:
a) A responsive and respectful relation with the natural assets of the site. A main concern of the project was to preserve its natural elements as well as to create mechanisms of interaction between the building and the environment.

b) An innovate proposal regarding aspects such as: the architectural program, the relation between the building and the site, construction materials, its structure (using wooden slabs), climatic considerations, and the use of digital media of representation (a web site) that will disseminate the main ideas of the proposal through the net.


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