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Patrimonial Elevator in Valparaiso

Part 2 Project 2004
Osvaldo Bizama Calzia
Taxiarchoula Sousamli
University of Valparaiso Valparaiso Chile
The “Artilleria” elevator belongs to a particular elevators network of Valparaíso. On the present, this elevator is in use and its stations have considerable deterioration.
The project recovers the superior station, creating a place that interlaces the characteristic pattern of residences on slope of Valparaiso, with a turistic and cultural program.The project developed a series of platforms, aling with the axis of the elevator and oriented to the sightseeing of the city and bay. A hoisted stroll and public amphitheatre are interlaced with the neighborhood. An art gallery, a restaurant, an turistic information center and a coffe shop are “attached” to the this, in wich public spaces articules with the preexistance pathway.
The elevator is kept as a key urban element of the architectural heritage of Valparaiso. The elevators old machinery looked up in a crystal box, allow us to listen the whispers of its can that are going up and down.

Osvaldo Bizama Calzia
Taxiarchoula Sousamli

The project is inserted in a patrimonial plot of Valparaiso. Routes, ways and fates. The intervention incorporates the near hill Vista, the bay, the distant coast, and the mountain range of the coast. The project weapon by the distant landscape. The project recovers social structures that give life to the city. The recovery of a elevator, connection to cultural events is the recovery of the acts of the city. The spaces are constructed by walls and platforms that allow the game of the light. The precipice draws up a continuous space. The vital space this by the light of the landscape.


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