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Hillsborough Idea Store

Part 1 Project 2004
George Beedle
Ashleigh Smith
Sheffield Hallam University, UK
The brief was to design a library providing a multi-functional centre for the community of Hillsborough, Sheffield. My goal was to resolve how the building would interact with its environment, and also to ensure that its form and major design elements were environmentally sustainable eg. its shallow plan and south facing facades. As shown in the abstract diagram of the building, I aimed to achieve design integrity, so that all the detailed elements together form a balanced, coherent and successful working environment.
George Beedle
Ashleigh Smith

This project stands as an exemplar of the maturity and design synthesis encouraged in the final year of the course. The outcome is rooted in a deep understanding of its context, both cultural and physical, creating a dynamic spatial journey that wholly connects to and welcomes in its surroundings. Nothing is arbitrary, all is thoughtfully and appropriately worked into the process. Tectonics are cool and assured. Environment is responsive and comforting. As a series of momentary fragments, the images belie the totality and singularity of an experience that has been robustly conceived and subtly nurtured.

Dr Sarah Treadwell
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