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Living/Working in a Highway Media Landscape

Part 1 Project 2004
Dominik George
Adam Cheltsov
University of the Witwatersrand Johannesburg South Africa
[The media; a corporate power house whose grip on society is overwhelming.] The site is situated in an industrial park along a busy highway in Johannesburg. Constant movement, either by foot or car, is evident from both sides of the portal, which juxtaposes a free-flow of images. The two major CBD’s of Johannesburg are linked by the highway and the visual landscape of the area. The structure immerses itself in the surroundings portraying an iconic, raw form.
Dominik George
Adam Cheltsov

Television, radio, and newspapers, generally classified as mass media, form part of our total ENVIRONMENT in MASS SOCIETY and cannot be ignored; far more commonly their use engenders a degree of passivity, which makes them efficient for the molding of tastes and preferences. Writers from Marshall McLuhan onwards have argued that the media itself has a more significant effect on society than the contents carried.

Prof.P. Raman

The student's task was to engage in issues of contemporary media, taking a clear position and navigate within this environment
Designing a communation hub with living, working, Public space, Landscape.


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