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_modulation: A film school

Part 2 Project 2004
Graham Viljoen
Madeleine Mooney
University of Pretoria Pretoria South Africa
This thesis is the product of a personal interest in contemporary graphic media which is undergoing a process of convergence, primarily driven by advancements in computing technology.

The project attempts to interact with its programme on a number of levels, the emphasis being on production technique but also in the way in which materiality is expressed. Movement (literal and implied) is central to the filmic medium and also to the fulfillment of the brief.

The oppositional quality of both contextual and programmatic issues, when combined, had the effect of either reinforcing or diminishing their respective influence on form: modulation.

Graham Viljoen
Madeleine Mooney

The design is a commendable result of an academically grounded investigation towards an unconventional solution, an intercession between current architectural debate and local relevance. The predictable brief is deftly translated into an evolving construction instead of a conventional building expressing the inflected nature of the cinematic image in a work of architecture. The ability of the designer is apparent in the intricate layering of the program resulting in a carefully considered sequence of spatial constructs. The design intentionally avoids overt contextual reference but responds discreetly to the local condition in an ecosystemic solution revealed in the cerebrally crafted tectonic form.


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