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A Cultural Performance Platform

Part 2 Project 2004
Adedayo Omikunle
Josh Foster
University of Nottingham, UK
Embracing the notion of The city as Theatre, the project aims to create a microcosm of the city- a platform on which performance, both spontaneous and programmed takes place. In juxtaposing and cross-programming Environmental Theatre in the form of a marketplace and an Orthodox Theatre, it is envisioned that a mediation between ‘impure’ life and ‘pure’ art can occur. Each becomes a backdrop to the other, both physically and atmospherically.

Throughout the project the themes of the ephemeral and temporal are explored.

In promoting interculturalism, the project will provide true autonomous access and an honest (re)presentation of culture.

Adedayo Omikunle
Josh Foster

This performance theatre is inspired from the multi-cultural and diverse nature of today’s society. From inception, it imaginatively draws on the cultural wealth of Leicester’s citizens. The theatre is successfully anchored within the city’s fabric, despite the lack of identity in the surrounding urban context, and offers an awe-inspiring landmark building at the heart of Leicester’s regeneration area. The building’s form is creatively inspired by the site’s spatial qualities and the versatile internal spaces enhance the interaction between users and the architecture provided for them. The building is a successful representation of the diverse and versatile nature of performance activities.


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