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Mediatheque Paris Unit 302

Part 1 Project 2004
Paul Bowen
Sarah Kidd
University of Portsmouth, UK

To create a series of distinct but fluid spaces within the existing context of the site while drawing on the unique nature and past history of the Faubourg Saint Antoine to inform the new urban plan.

The established Saint Antoine Market (Le Marche Aligre) and the renowned furniture makers and restorers create a vibrant urban theatre enabling the site, at present partially derelict, to be transformed into a “hot spot” or urban centre.

The Abbaye Saint Antoine established in the early 15th Century has left a memory in the landscape which creates powerful links through the urban plan and connects the past with the present.

Paul Bowen
Sarah Kidd

Paul Bowen

Paul has been a very consistent hard working student throughout his degree. His architectural designs are very thoroughly worked through at all levels. He is able to combine imaginative solutions to an architectural problems with a pragmatism that clarifies the scheme, and gives it a real sense of ‘buildability’ . He is always conscious of urban or social issues that surround a formal problem. These will be taken into account as well as the constructional or environmental problems.


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