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[the interchange event] art in the city

Part 2 Project 2004
Yvonne Lo
Pradeep Lindagedara
Chinese University of Hong Kong, China
The thesis presents an alternative approach of utilizing infrastructure. The design aims at adding value to the otherwise mono-functional railway interchange by programmatic addition of the museum component. The station is being re-conceptualized and augmented into a place for encountering different forms of art.

The design explores the articulation of station circulation and the museum space, enabling every commuter to encounter art depending on the routes they have chosen. “Think you are not the type to visit an art gallery? You probably travel through one every day.” (London Tube Magazine, Summer 2003.)

Yvonne Lo
Pradeep Lindagedara

The work produced by Yvonne Lo represents one of the highest qualities of design theses that I have personally seen or taught. The project began with an interest to mediate between the increasing dependency on transportation infrastructure, and the ever-marginalized presence of the artistic and cultural domains in Hong Kong. The research was extensive, thorough, and thought-provoking, in which she studied the role of art in traditional urban fabrics, and compared subway spaces that represent a phenomenological anti-urban condition. In the final design, the project maintains it’s rigor in resolving fundamental site and programmatic challenges, and achieves excellence in the search for a new architectural expression.


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