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Part 2 Project 2004
Romina Amprimo
Maria Emilia Faliti
Laura McClorey
University of Mendoza Mendoza Argentina
The Planetarium is the only space in the City which
represents the history of science and to stimulate imagination and creativity.It also represents the novelty in science and technology.
Its importance is concentrated in its spectacles and discovering of stars in the dome.
For that reason we decided to create and space for promotion and meetings for all people interested in the knowledge and use of new science achievements related to space, in Mendoza and all over the world.
The design was developed from the idea of getting closer to the sky, which reflects the immensity of the Universe.

Romina Amprimo
Maria Emilia Faliti
Laura McClorey

Why a planetarium?
Because of the human dream of reaching the stars and having the universe in our hands.
Because of its importance as a paradigmatic sign of the millennium, metaphor of light, strong symbolism and expression, material and immaterial at once.
Because of our need for a strong, direct and ambitious answer to the complex system of functions, space, structure and detail resolution.
Because of its relationship with the context: an urban park, the perfect site for social meetings open to everyone, like a temple.
And finally because it epitomizes our desire for creative freedom and conceptual accuracy.


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