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Wolverhampton Wandering

Part 2 Project 2004
Andy Hilton
Man Yee Lee
Birmingham City University, UK
My work is an exploration into a site specific, generative architectural technique. It prioritises a method of designing architectural space over that of the production of a complete object. The method uses site specific, objective information that informs the organisation of space, language, materials, composition and proportion whilst avoiding the subjective influences of an authorial prejudice. The technique produces spatial experiences that are not wedded to any specific use or program but embody site-specific conditions. The political agenda driving this work is to produce architecture that embodies a sense of permanence whilst remaining sustainable in the current promiscuous economic climate.
Andy Hilton
Man Yee Lee

This project, an ‘embassy’ for Wolverhampton Wanderers is the culmination of an extremely focused, rigorous, and exploratory design process which has encompassed a multitude of influences. There are no abstract concepts here, but rather a series of highly contextual everyday observations that have been manipulated with great skill. These elements of the everyday include railway signals, a local pub, and sky television’s football coverage, resulting
in a fantastically intricate series of forms that sit within a newly folded landscape.

Andy’s work captures the spirit of our re-born combined school of architecture and landscape. Andy is a Part Time student.


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