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Part 0 Project 2004
Jack Lehane
Curtin University Perth Australia
This thesis aimed to explore the words and ideals with which we can attribute meaning, acquire understanding and acknowledge residual space within our cities. The product was a series of tools, enabling those that choose, to access the subconscious of the city and possibly their own.
Drone 1 (sonology) attempted to create and convey the varying nuances and ambience’s indicative of one’s subconscious and passive reactions to site while Drone 2 was the design of a suitable intervening event that contributed to the urban and residual experience while maintaining a resonant association with its host.

Jack Lehane

The student undertook an interrogation of how we can comprehend and attribute value to ‘residual space’ and then to create an intervening event within a space that reacts to, but does not destroy, the space.

We are presented with a walk through film taken at four times of day, in such a space, with an accompanying sound-piece presenting the findings, called a drone or a ‘sympathetic resonator’. This is followed by a détournement’ where the existing fabric is dissected, then re-configured to create new and more meaningful elements, forming the second drone. We are presented with an animation that accompanies the original walk through indicating the proposed intervention. From commencement all work was created digitally.


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