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Providence USA

Part 0 Project 2004
Alice Meyer
Edinburgh College of Art Edinburgh UK
The project centres on the re-arrangement of established grid patterns and the insertion of a large Central Park, an American solution, between the Jewellery District and Downtown areas.

Initial ideas on density proposed increasing allowed building heights in the Jewellery District, the final concept becoming a ‘sweep’ of maximum building envelopes from south to north.

The driving concept ‘living in the sky’ generated three dimensional proposals: residential use at the top of each volume, commercial activity at street level and office activity between.

Taking one envelope further a building developed with ideas of solid and void, gradient and texture.

Alice Meyer

The Providence project consisted of city centre urban void created by the intended removal of a stretch of elevated freeway covering an area of 16 hectares. It involved consultations with the City Planner and concluded with all groups exhibiting at a conference held to encourage public debate. From the simple, bold strategy of his group to create a new ‘Central Park’, Gordon produced a subtle and sophisticated individual design development, rigorously explored and refined. He demonstrated excellent skills of working across a variety of scales and a clear understanding of the roles of city planner, urban designer and architect.


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