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Part 1 Project 2004
jaime alejandro angarita corredor
National University of Colombia, Manizales Manizales Colombia
The work is defined as a composition of an explicit urban border and a services system made of different scales respect to existent definitions of the neighborhood. Realizing meaningful facts of the city and the neighborhood I made a program defined of independent architectural objects that work as an entire system with a global structure. The project reaches its maximum detail and development level in the housing project proposed in the north extreme of the work area.
jaime alejandro angarita corredor

The architects who are going to graduate must do of their activity a way of expression and life, but above all, they must contribute to the consolidation of this knowledge and comprehension body proper of the discipline of Architecture. Therefore to the E.A.U. of the National University of Colombia the works of degree are the culminate moment and they must demonstrate that they are ready to continue their academic process or their professional life.

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