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Supermodification of Gallowgate 'B'

Part 0 Project 2004
Dashiell Lacey Bryant
University of Strathclyde Glasgow UK
The (super)modification of Gallowgate “B” has developed as a reaction to the mass-demolition approach advocated by the organisers of the project intended to regenerate an area of inner city Glasgow. The housing scheme that has fallen into disrepair (evincing high levels deprivation) is less than 30 years old and has unique qualities that have guided the modification strategy intended to preserve the heart and soul of the community. The proposal is to completely modify the scheme at all levels of scale in order to create the total cathartic transformation required to change the fortunes of the area without the social destruction that would accompany a new “slum clearance”.
Dashiell Lacey Bryant

"Supermodification" draws on two of the traditions within the school, which have endeavoured to work with local communities and to rethink strategically how we deal with the rehabilitation and adaptation of housing. Ewan's project we felt was an intelligent and innovative strategic response to urban regeneration in an area of the city that has relatively high levels of social deprivation. Maintaining existing social relationships was deemed a priority, as was the attempt to avoid blanket demolition. The project tries to show how with a system of modifications and adaptations that seeks to address all types of spaces, such as kitchens, living spaces and outdoor areas the built environment can be radically transformed in a manner that is sensitive to social needs and desires.

Jonathan Charley

Mr Gerard Bareham
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