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Facilitating the new Umbilical of learning

Part 2 Project 2004
Riette Basson
Robin Isabelle Moran
Tshwane University of Technology Pretoria South Africa
A new age in learning and teaching is rapidly evolving. Exciting new opportunities are unfolding.
A-synchronous, synchronous, blended learning, multi mode.
“Just in case” learning becomes “just in time, just for me”.
This project is the solidifying of a symbolic umbilical of learning – it describes how Telematic Education integrates, fits within, and enhances the existing methodology of teaching and learning. Analogous to how the new structure fits within the existing physical campus fabric.
Turning the present drab, inadequate make-shift facilities into an icon of the spirit of technology with strong identity, pragmatic space-making:- that is the quest.

Riette Basson
Robin Isabelle Moran

Working with existing structures can be daunting for many students, stymifying their thinking in an inhibitive way. The mature designers flourish in restrictive environments.

This student exhibits the sensitive maturity expected of a designer in accurately pin-pointing the design problem, and from that developing and excecuting a strategy that solves a difficult, unresearched problem on the lowest level of pragmatic space-making, respecting environmental concerns and with sound theoretical-philosophical underpinning.

In the academic milieu we tend to adjudicate projects for it's impact and value as academic project. This is not only an outstanding project, it will be an excellent building.

Dr Douglas Cawthorne
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