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New South Wales Dragonboat Headquarters in Rozelle Bay, NSW, Australia

Part 1 Project 2004
Edmund Low
Katie Shaylor
University of Sydney Sydney Australia
Dragonboat Racing:

Linear dynamism
Forward propulsion
Slicing through water

The building embodies the dynamic forward thrust of a racing dragonboat, emphasising linearity and forward propulsion.

The feeling of dynamic forward movement is enhanced by the long linear plan, long and narrow horizontal circulation, soaring ceiling plane, warped roof form, repetitive expressed structural frames, skewed roof beams with varying pitches (similar to the rhythm of rowing oars), rising sloped concrete wall, elongated corridors and timber board floors.

A monolithic, monumental concrete wall ‘surges’ from the ground, juxtaposed with the building which is composed of slender columns and beams, soaring elongated planar surfaces (ceiling, roof, floors) and extensive glazing.

The narrow linear plan allows for natural daylighting and effective cross ventilation. Solar control is achieved through roof awnings, external canvas blinds and louvers. The collection and movement of stormwater is expressed and celebrated, diverted into the surrounding wetlands. Construction and structure is designed to be detachable and re-useable for sustainability.

Edmund Low
Katie Shaylor

The project was for a regional dragonboat headquarter located within Sydney harbour’s Rozelle Bay. Located between the harbour’s maritime industry and Bicentenial Park, the building forms a crucial link between industry and recreation, reflecting the changing city’s move to gentrify the harbour.

The project sought to embody the essence of the sport and boat – its dynamism, movement, rhythm and team experience. It has demonstrated a singular and focused intent from conception to detailing, creating a project which has both great simplicity and complex layering.


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