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Housing Complex for the Third Age in Jurilovca, Danube Delta

Part 1 Project 2004
Adela Toma
Jordan Green
Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism | Romania
Moulding the theme proposed on to the specific necessities of the Danube Delta population leaded to an architectural solution which is integrated to local architecture.
The individual living cells that compose the ansamble are grouped near the church, that provides spiritual guidance, and the sense of security for the inhabitants.
Although individually self-managed, the elders will have the occasion to meet in the areas reserved for common functions. There are also the priest's house and a physician cabinet for those in need.

Adela Toma
Jordan Green

Facing the difficult task to solve an actual issue in a special zone of Romania, the student came with a very personal approach and solution.
The type of relation with the street, the court and the house of the individual households, which exists in the rural communities is kept present here. But, there are also links between them, that lead to a permanent communication among neighbours.
More, each house has a "green patch" that provides also an occupation for the one living there.
The project won the second Prize in the "AG2R - International Architectural Competition" in Paris 2004.


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