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A Centre For Asylum Seekers

Part 2 Project 2004
Tom Robinson
Jessica Gottlieb
University of Nottingham | UK
Last year in the United Kingdom the number of asylum applications reached 110,000. As a response to this, a temporary, flat-pack housing system for asylum seekers was designed, comprised of plywood, monocoque panels. The system would rely on transport via the existing UK rail network to link cities with a high BME (Black and Minority Ethnic ) population.

To accommodate for the specific requirements of the asylum seekers, permanent facilities such as mainstream housing advice and a small religious space were provided within the disused London and North West Railway Goods Building located to the north of Leicester Railway Station.

Tom Robinson
Jessica Gottlieb

This project addresses the topical issue of asylum seekers. It successfully attempts to reconcile the often-neglected relationship between architectural and societal issues whereby technology and architecture are not only used for their own sake, but to address a key policy issue.

The project entails a creative approach to regenerate both a Victorian brownfield site and derelict buildings in Leicester. From inception, the design creatively responded to strategic location of the site, where permanent and flexible accommodations were skillfully intertwined through a series of versatile open and shared spaces.


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