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Sustainable Architecture for remote places and the lodging experience

Part 2 Project 2005
Federico Inchauspe
Gustavo Barea
University of Mendoza Mendoza Argentina
The project has considered two main premises:

· To minimize environmental impact, using technology system dismontable, with very low energetic cost embodied into materials and utilizing renowable energy for the operation of the building.
· Material transformation of the space to have a direct dialogue with nature.

The structural system allow the assembly and dismount of the pieces giving the possibility of reutilización of pieces in the last of it life-cycle.
The passive solar system consist in direct gain combined with water wall.
With these system thermal comfort with very low energetic cost is obtained.

Federico Inchauspe
Gustavo Barea

The project has been development in the Payunia (Reserve of UNESCO), in the south of Mendoza province. This project has obtained a high qualification and cumpliment the objectives imposed to workshop. Mainly, to make an aproppiate selection of building materials with low environmental impact, prefereable recycled or reused. To investigate new technologies and technics of building to make energetic efficient architectural design.

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