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Hall of Access for Valparaiso City

Part 2 Project 2005
Francisca Rivera Palma
Amy Bettinson
Pontifical Catholic University of Chile Santiago Chile
The topic appears in a scene of projection and growth of Valparaiso city.

The city was named Patrimony of the Humanity, which supposes an increase and improvement of its public, cultural and patrimonial places.

The building of the jail was moved out of the center of the city and there is projected the “Cultural Center Ex_Jail of Valparaiso”.

The proposal is a hall of access for the Cultural Center shaped from a program of Cinemas as explosive of activity supported by a system of public spaces of circulation and movement that gathers the flows in the slope of hill from the base up to the top.

Francisca Rivera Palma
Amy Bettinson

The project was sited within the city of Valparaíso, close to and old penitentiary that will become a cultural centre.

The Pedagogic Objectives: were two fold.

First: to be able to understand and conceive the building as a material construct which interacts with gravity. Consequently, to learn how to establish a particular relationship to this force: being the acceptance or the resistance of it a significant issue that was addressed during the workshop. The students identified to words that reveal to opposites ways to interact with gravity; On the one hand; tension and on the other hand compression.

Regarding the second point, and in relation to landscape, we understood it not as a spectacle to be consumed but as something to be contemplated and as a complement of the interior.


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