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Hypothesis for Sustainable Communities

Part 2 Project 2005
Christopher Knight
Kevin Abraham
University of Portsmouth, UK
We wish to explore the values of an architecture of sustainability – its merits and compromises – and to promote its qualities. We have done this through the investigation of a site with familiar urban problems of decay, yet possessing immense potential.
We feel that sustainable regeneration, where focus is placed upon both the individual and the community as a whole, is key to reversing much insensitive urban development.
A new residential community is proposed through an intense and diverse utilization of the site’s characteristics. Settlement is dense and is combined with an urban programme for work and recreation.

Christopher Knight
Kevin Abraham

Kevin and Chris’s project was a highly motivated investigation. Both contributed according to their strengths, providing holistic resolutions to each stage of work. The brief’s objectives were carefully considered and the possibilities for creating a truly sustainable 21stc community on the outskirts of a large maritime conurbation were rigorously tested.
The overall resolution of the project was underpinned with precise detail, enabling an evaluation of the work at a glance or in greater depth and feel. Architectural ambitions were fully resolved with sustainable objectives and the work was considered worthy of a special prize for ‘Sustainable Design’.

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