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Projet urbain-ville européenne

Part 1 Project 2005
Lylian Ollivier
Billie Chell
Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris-la-Villette 75019 Paris France
The project takes place near Paris, on a parcel which is an industrial fallow.
That parcel of 3 hectares is pinched between the
national road 3 and the Ourcq’s canal.
That contrast is generating the construction of the
project in his connection to the site.
Buildings’ heads answer to the city’s scale,they’re high, massive and they rythm the 300 meters
along the national.
Faces to the canal, buildings are lower and serried to answer to canal’s scale which is more human.
The interior organisation is composed by public roads, squares, gardens which articulate various kind of atmosphere...

Lylian Ollivier
Billie Chell

The principal objective is to acqire a urban and architectural learning. By the existant city’s observation, the student could develop a critical think in order to applicate it in his project. This method is more rich than all the abstract urban theorie. The personal sensitive experience of the site guides the formal realisation. The challenge is to translate in space all the originals volunteers. Identifying a piece of land, the student had to project both architectural and urban preoccupation.
Think about genious’ place.
Articulate the architectural objects between us and with public space.
Work on the way of living.


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