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Sensual Park in a Rubble

Part 2 Project 2005
Beatriz Palma Espinoza
Pontifical Catholic University of Chile Santiago Chile
This project is about a Sensual Park based in the theory of the artistic movement, the Situasionism, who created the psicogeography, a new way of studying the city, based in sensations and feelings. This park contains different ambiences connected into each other by footbridges and stairs, going up and down through a masts homogeny structure, where visitants go drifting through different atmospheres and sensations. This vertical elements forest is tied by tensors which shape a bottom net recreating the topography of the rubble place. This net characterizes the ambiences because of the light going through and because of light filters hanging on it.
Beatriz Palma Espinoza

We focused on Situacionism to design a great landscape architecture project. The site was Knossos´s ruins, supposed an ubicuous or portable place anywhere in downtown Santiago de Chile. Beatriz´s work develops three interconnected planes. First, she defines the architectural coordinates of meaningful urban ethnographical atmospheres. Second, she topologically distributes the atmospheres, ambiances, in the ruins and connect then through "vectors of desire". Finally, shapes of the paths to drifting are designed following subtle sensual qualities, sounds, lights, odours, and are built by a system of nautical structures. The result is a sophisticated urban space to play, to experience passions, to interchange, or simply to live the e-planet in hot point areas.

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