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Extension of a Necropolis + Catholic Cemetery of Santiago

Part 1 Project 2005
Carlos Raul Alegria Ly
Central University, Santiago Santiago Chile
The Extension Project proposes the revalorization of funerary patrimony within the urban context of Santiago city, from the metropolitan scale until the Poetical-Scatological dimension of death in the contemporary occidental society.

The project re-articulates architectonic situations unscaled within the internal system of circulation and volumetric relations. The functioning of this old cemetery it’s updated to the funeral present-day request with a Funerary Boulevard, Chapel, Crematory, Ossuaries, Columbary, Tanatory, New Graves zones and Green Areas.

It defines a space of crossing among nature and architecture, among forgetfulness and memory, among pain and spiritual peace, among the man and his death.

Carlos Raul Alegria Ly

The architecture of death represents the desires, fears, and hope of every culture. Therefore, to project a new Extension for the old Catholic Cemetery it’s necessary to understand the occidental man's changes about his own death.

There has been a constant abstraction of the vernacular elements of death, from the old cultures like the Egyptian or Romans; through Ad Sanctos Death of Middle Ages, the Illustration Death (XVIII-XIX century), until the Cemetery-Park model of the present-day. Therefore defines a transit toward absolute abstraction of death; silencing, and annulling the Mortuary Sense in the urban image of the cities.

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