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Strip Morphologies, Differentiating Healing Environments

Part 2 Project 2005
Daniel Coll I Capdevila
Architectural Association, UK
Recent trends in Health Care suggest the need for new healing environments to achieve better, shorter patient recoveries. Those trends are based on subjective, patient and medical requirements.
This project takes in account an integral of environmental dynamics as a context for an assembly of shaped steel strips into a material system.
The design, as an interface, modulates environmental conditions providing diverse choices for inhabitation patterns through spatial notions, views, exposure, light and sound.
Within the constrains of the system, parametric differentiation within its geometry, its assembly, its manufacturing, and its structural tendencies will establish the parametric design setup.

Daniel Coll I Capdevila

‘Strip Morphologies’ is a project that emphatically engages with the design of healing rooms, based on the insight that these should offer to patients individual choices of spatial arrangement and environmental exposure to yield the best healing effect. The instrumental setup of the project is particularly intelligent: very simple material components - steel strips - are modeled parametrically, so that complex changes to the entire system are easy to execute, while retaining the manufacturing logic and constraints of laser-cutting and CNC-steel-bending. The design can thus be changed for each given context, while remaining feasible and sustainable. A much needed project.

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