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Outdoor Activity Centre, Fort William, Scotland

Part 2 Project 2005
John Sharp
De Montfort University, UK
Fort William is one of the most popular destinations in the U.K to carryout numerous outdoor activities. Recently Fort Williams tourist numbers have been in a state of decline due to cheaper over-seas alternatives, new activity centres being erected in England and Wales, and more importantly its main competitor, Aviemore has recently opened a funicular railway within its ski resort.
The New Outdoor Activity Centre will incorporate Outdoor Activity Companies and the services they offer, together with outdoor activity training and a three tier ice-skating rink.
The project also involves a new transportation infrastructure connecting each of the areas.

John Sharp

The purpose of the final design project is to integrate the skills and knowledge gained during one’s academic career and both prove an ability to use these to create an architectural design, and make a personal design stance. In his project John Sharp has not only succeeded in this but has combined his love of snow sports with his skill in advanced CAD to design a construction that responds dramatically to its wider context, and could not have been designed without a profound knowledge and understanding of the elements that generate his proposal.

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