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Inside Out

Part 2 Project 2005
Bartlomiej Hominski
Michal Jezierski
Cracow University of Technology Krakow Poland
‘out of sight, out of mind’
A typical building, even when accessible for people with disabilities in the terms of access, layout, and appropriate room size often remains inaccessible in the sense of non-existence in people’s conscience.

We turn the urban planning and architecture inside out.

In the urban scale we create clearly defined urban spaces (streets, plaza) with strongly articulated block boundaries, perforated though, for easier communication.

Architecturally, we exhibit the most visually and socially attractive functions for the public view. This will invite people to come in and join, to participate in the social life of the district.

Bartlomiej Hominski
Michal Jezierski

In the project accessibility has been interpreted not only as a physical phenomenon, for the apartments are also mentally accessible, providing views from the inside to the outside and from the outside to the inside, thereby overcoming the radical separation of solid walls.
I appreciate the innovative contributions to the apartments and the fine details such as the balconies in the trees. It must be a real pleasure for elderly people to sit in the trees over the public park and chat with their neighbors.

The project is rich in content, consistent and well carried through.

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