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Local Theatre

Part 1 Project 2005
Zavier Kitchen
Kieren Blanch
University of Technology Kingston Jamaica, West Indies
Local theatre #1666

Drama & cinema

· A place for Expression
· A place for Culture
· A place for Elegance
· A living theatre

The aim is to create theatre that adapts to the context of the Marina, Park and Market.
The material used on the roof enables the theatre to fit into the context of the market and marina, by showing similar characteristics of tensile movement when the wind comes in contact with the awning Membrane. Other elements were adapted to aid with the creation of a dynamic structure that would express, the people, the character of the context and the culture of the people.

Zavier Kitchen
Kieren Blanch


The proposal is exceptional in its approach towards integrating programme and context. It's orientation on the site reinforces its own prominence and that of the adjoining park to create a new urban centre. This idea was clear throughout the development of the project, with its strong formal gestures and the technical solutions employed. The radial structural spans augment the function and hierarchy of the project with the urban landscape, allowing for public interaction both above and below. Ultimately, the project is completed by its adherence to the brief, its attention to detail and final level of representation.


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