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Digital Farm: Hedon

Part 1 Project 2005
Maria Law
University of Greenwich, UK
Marcel Duchamp once said, ‘In fact, until the last hundred years, all painting had been literary or religious; it had been at the service of mind.’
The Digital Farm, Hedon –a place to manifest excitement and nightmare, work for pleasure. The work/live space is based on the manifestation of Eroticism.
An investigations of both physical and digital abstract planes models lead to set up elements which construct the public and private space of the Hedon. Occupants, who have to work there have to face the physical as well as the digital space. Still, their dreams led them to an undefined dimension. They experience the unsettle tension between real and virtual space.

Maria Law

Having a strong lead on occupation and notion of void and expectation, Maria develop a strategy for herself that take precedent from Alice in wonderland, she playfully design the different part of the programme into an alternative and poetic succession of interconnected volume that shout at the landscape transforming the experience of the building from a blend corporate Work/live space into a rhythmical allegory that refer to Druillet, Moebus, Melnikov or Krutikov.

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