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Part 1 Project 2005
Paul Hunt
London Metropolitan University, UK
The project is for a Town Hall for Tower Hamlets. It developed through a series of investigations, working mainly with models and large scale drawings, which examined relationships between street and interior, old and new pieces of city. It investigated how thresholds change over time, in pragmatic ways, using simple means. A 1:1 piece on the edge of the City made me interested in giving value to overlooked, everyday conditions. The building transforms found spaces of portal frame sheds into an open public facility, capable of adaption over time and through use - unintimidatingly engaging a diverse community.
Paul Hunt

Our theme this year was polis, root of politic and ancient embodiment of city.

Through consistent and careful use of large scale drawings and models, Pauls project moves from an examination of public and private thresholds at the scale of individual encounter, towards direct intervention at a critical moment of urban transformation.

His design for a town hall recognises potential within what are marginal and contingent spaces and exemplifies his critical observation of the apparently mundane. It is exemplary in its continuity of thought process and its critique of the nature of public ground and the institution, at many scales.

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