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Guerrilla Architecture

Part 2 Project 2005
Duncan Greenaway
Oxford Brookes University, UK
A strategic design proposal for the 2012 Olympic Games that would make a significant environmental, social and economic contribution to the regeneration of London. I propose that 20,000 athletes are accommodated in Central London’s disused office buildings that would later become homes for London’s ‘core’ workers and homeless. There is a housing shortage and an over supply of office space…This proposal aims to recover the City’s exodus and in turn makes way for the currently proposed site, the Lower Lea Valley, to be redeveloped as a park and ‘safety valve’ attenuation pond, controlling the imminent future flooding of London.
Duncan Greenaway

Guerrilla Architecture thoroughly interrogates and completely re-thinks the objectives of the Olympic Village programme. This approach resists the glamour and grandeur of the Olympics and foregrounds some of London’s neglected environmental and political issues. In so doing he asks serious questions about what the Olympics has become and shows a more radical alternative. This work shows the importance of rigorous research and data gathering as a spur to creative and socially engaged architectural design. The scheme is impressive because of the ranges of scales it logically interconnects: from a Lea valley masterplan to a meticulously detailed portable cardboard washroom.

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