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Part 1 Project 2005
Newton Dave
Leeds Beckett University, UK
The concept was to digitally break down the aesthetics of the site to a point where the new building would be made up of, and reflect the existing buildings, but via the use of digital manipulation would be a radical departure. Experimentation progressed to “morphing” 3d volumes. The form of the digital media centre is derived from the desire to harness as much natural light, and solar energy as possible. The photovoltaic roof is angled for optimum solar gain with a slight rotation to the east, to allow a better fit with the site and to allow earlier solar gains.
Newton Dave

Dave Newton used digital techniques to generate the undulating forms of this project for a media centre dedicated to the exploration and promotion of the digital media. He took delight in the development of the curvaceous superstructure and in the integration (into the central, south-facing roof-area) of photovoltaic cells and solar-heating panels. He developed an unusual approach to contextualism, in that he proposed to have printed, onto the timber boarding of the wave-like roof-structure, a large-scale digitally distorted image of the surrounding buildings. Thus the proposed building would “reflect” its surroundings, as though the roof was a large curvaceous mirror.

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