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Popular productive park (routes of platforms)

Part 2 Project 2005
Gonzalo Lautaro Ojeda Ledesma
University of Valparaiso Valparaiso Chile
My proposal is based upon the construction of the four human emotions typical of Valparaíso that show the distinct architectural scales that this city contains, a great space scaled by the man:

Space defines the sky, man compose its size
Space defines the wind, man composes its melody
Space defines the earth, man composes territories

I designed a Popular productive park made of three routes of wind, of earth and water with four corners that position the man, 4 corners called Palaces, within which it will be possible to cultivate, to play, to store, To produce, to be.

Gonzalo Lautaro Ojeda Ledesma

It has been a few years since we realized that, to develop an appropriate architecture for this place, we would need to break with the conventional manner of brainstorming and developing ideas (plans, models) and look for new operational guidelines and innovative sketches. This project should be understood in that context. The generated forms, the creation of work from the informal economy (surpassing it), the technology (local in operation but universal in its basis), and a powerful anthropological foundation amalgamate in such a way that they will compose a poetic architecture and totally desirable forms of life for this city.

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