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Mobile and metamorphic structure: Hinged spaces

Part 1 Project 2005
Sofia Morgan
Agustin Saitta
University of Mendoza Mendoza Argentina
This project was based upon union of two cubes, creating movements, translation of surfaces and parts of them, included the bond of planes.
Our idea consisted in creating an ambience with everything as futuristic as possible, using steel, glass, among others elements. One of the cubes sets apart from other ones rotating 90º below the 0 level surface. Opening some of the cube surfaces, a base platform was formed with a completely architectonic ambience. An L shaped volume moved from one of the cubes, which worked as an under-ice observer.
"Generating an ambience is creating a kind of life"

Sofia Morgan
Agustin Saitta

work constitutes the conceptual synthesis of matters performed in Ambience 1 during the 1st. This semester, essentially deemed as "laboratory" of space.
The sequence begins as a closed box, finishing with an expressionism marking internal - external strains and the consequential forms.
The principles of extension, translation, rotation and reflection generate multiple and dynamic spaces as well as real and virtual volumes.

The presented exercise is valued for
Invigorating the emptiness by relating the space and form;
understanding the geometry when generating the process;
resolving functions of ambience which assemble and mutate in the space-temporal matter.

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