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Architecture Foundation

Part 1 Project 2005
Shigemi Challand
London South Bank University, UK
In order for a small building to stand out from the chaos of the city, it must possess qualities of radiance, and also calm. A simple, restrained message communicated visually through small clues and signs.

I designed four translucent, floating boxes which conceal their different functions: offices, lecture theatre, reception, and media centre. A mysterious, underwater quality of light illuminates the objects and diffuses through the translucent facade. The ambiguous, glowing exterior reveals clues to the interior, creating interest in the building. Once visitors are inside, they discover each cube’s character, derived from its function, expressed through form and material.

Shigemi Challand

Architecture Foundation / Protean Perception

This sublime project blurs the boundaries betweeen architecture and non-architecture,landscape and cityscape,between user and the voyeur inviting protean perceptions and experiences. Three short films generated from the site section triggered a design process of subtlety.The projects ambiguous qualities are explored through an exceptional series of models designed to invite interaction and communication.A sense of humour is evident in the ressolution of minutiae in details such as the moving curtain, the manually operated lifts, and interactive lighting sequences.
The project works at the scale of the city, the scale of bodily experience and the scale of the detail.

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