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A school for children with emotional and behavioural problems

Part 2 Project 2005
Yvonne Currid
Queen's University Belfast, UK
“Every year more than 12,000 pupils are excluded from mainstream schooling... many have nowhere to go…”

Providing facilities for children with emotional and behavioural difficulties in a residential area is always going to meet with objections. However, by drawing the community into the building and establishing it as an integral part of the local neighbourhood - hopefully acceptance and growth on both sides can be achieved.

This unique scheme within inner city Dublin provided the opportunity to greatly increase the inherent richness of the local urban fabric through the integration of a built synthesis of education and community facilities within a fully landscaped and regenerated city block.

Yvonne Currid

The inner North side of the City of Dublin has been badly affected by population drift resulting in serious social deprivation.

The student chose to design a building primarily for children who are attention deficient. It could be argued that it would have been arguably easier to select a site, which was hidden from the community. The student has skilfully woven a magical matrix of ideas, which stimulate and yet organise the problems associated with specialist education.

The design allows for a community interaction and rather than enclose by fence, has integrated the adjacent land to give a seamless boundary between school and community.

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