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Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop

Part 2 Project 2005
Jonathan Taylor
Edinburgh College of Art Edinburgh UK
The new building is imagined as a series of collaged layers of programme content, site relationships, and ‘reconstructed’ elements of the original building and site - an invented archaeology. The juxtapositions created in this composition with its long views, cross-axes and perforated and punctured volumes expose and display the layers of use and occupation within the building, and allow a visual and intellectual cross-fertilisation between users through the exhibition of their materials, work, junk and working practices. The building is a picturesque layered composition set into this sunken, wooded site in the city.
Jonathan Taylor

Jonathans’ project is the culmination of a year in the Architecture for the Arts Unit and collaboration with Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop. The Year began with a ten week residency for 12 students at ESW. Jonathans’ proposal places the workshops in amongst a dense frame structure housing studios. The subsequent layering produces a rich variety of in-between places and ad-hoc encounters, inspired by photographs of Alberto Giacometti’s studio and Jonathans’ own photos of studios at ECA and ESW. The final presentation includes large photographs taken from study models that reproduce some of the material and light qualities evident in his research.

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