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UN Satellite Assembly & World Awareness Centre, London

Part 0 Project 2005
University of Huddersfield, UK
UN Headquarters N.Y. with its iconic 39-storey green-glass Secretariat building requires an extensive program of refurbishment estimated at 1.2 billion US dollars.

Hypothetical alternative: UNITED NATIONS SAWA CENTRES form part of the UN’s millennia mission to decant its US accommodation into ‘Satellite Buildings,’ one located in each continent of the world - video linked with the latest ICT technologies.

Demolition of Baynard House, Queen Victoria Street, London, just minutes tube-travel from Waterloo-International station, will provide 15,000m2 of prime riverside site, over which a landmark 'animalistic-structure’ will be constructed for occupation by Europe’s member-states.

Design-approach draws from the field of biomimetics, with reference to natural animate organisms and exposition of structural systems. Accommodation includes: the ‘Eye Debating Chamber’ representing the UN’s global outlook; the ‘Administrative Brain’ encapsulating decision and enactment process; and the ‘Peoples Lung’ symbolic of those who inadvertently fund the UN - thus breathe life into this organisation.

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