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Extension of City Grain to Waterfront

Part 2 Project 2005
Kwok-Wing Chan
Chinese University of Hong Kong, China
Hong Kong has been witnessing an explosion of large-scale private residential projects, driven by the expansion of railway lines.. In order to incorporate the most efficient uses of land within suggested planning constraints, generic designs stressing performance have been rendered, which usually neglect connections to neighborhood. The most typical design would be about the construction of domestic towers built on “podiums” The result is that, our city’s urban fabrics start to fall apart and most importantly, towns start to lose individual identity owing to common architectural or planning treatments. The Design project will focus on lost integrity of city grain.
Kwok-Wing Chan

The Thesis deals with a topic of exceptional significance in Hong Kong which combines housing at extreme densities with provisions of public transport. Housing projects in Hong Kong are often integrated with rail passenger stations and . undertaken by either one of the two rail-transport corporations. In this case the Corporation, Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC), has provided the programme for the thesis. Following the programme the thesis addresses a host of critical and socially relevant issues and presents a good deal of research along with an insightful synthesis of various factors in its final design.

The thesis has received critical recommendations as the outstanding thesis by external examiners, representatives of the Hong Kong Housing Authority, and representatives of KCRC.

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