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A Gin Distillery for the Royal Docks, East London

Part 1 Project 2005
Emmie Stewart-Parker
University of Cambridge UK
Remnants of an industrial and maritime past are preserved in the fabric of the Royal Docks, East London. This design takes advantage of the site’s history and scale whilst injecting aspects of leisure and tourism. The scheme comprises a distillery and bottling hall, a gin bar, and greenhouses to grow ‘Botanicals’, the herbs to flavour gin.

The building and surrounding urban plan present a dichotomy, bringing together the self-sustaining aspects of nature with the transformational properties of science. The heart of the building is the still room bar, where the dramatic process of production is juxtaposed with product consumption.

Emmie Stewart-Parker

The project addressed an area east of King George V Dock in London. We investigated the provision of a manufacturing and/or distribution facility as a catalyst to improved local identity and social interaction in the vast, disjointed and windswept topography. Students proposed their own facility. Emmie developed a distillery supported by green housing for the production of botanicals. She has been extremely resourceful at all stages of the project: outreach to the population beyond the site, a range of activities which define and invite interaction on the site itself, extraordinary refinement and control of the building to serve complex needs.

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